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IMPORTANT! The Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF) came into effect on 1 July 2016. It has been designed to make the process of applying for a student visa simpler for genuine students and deliver a more targeted approach to immigration integrity.

SSVF country and provider immigration risk model has three level of the immigration risk ratings for education providers and countries:
1 — One
2 — Two
3 — Three
Under the country and provider immigration risk model the immigration risk ratings for education providers and countries are not publicly disclosed due to its commercial sensitivities.
The combined immigration risk outcomes of the student’s education provider and country of citizenship are used to guide the level of financial and English language capacity related documentation that the student needs to provide with their student visa application.

The Australian Student visa program is designed to provide all comers from the international community with the opportunity to study in Australia at all levels of education, including education in primary and secondary schools, higher and professional education, postgraduate courses and courses without formal certification of the completion of training. On average, Australia issues more than 250,000 student visas per year, which confirms the high standards of education in Australia. When applying for one of the visas for the Australian Student visa program, regardless of whether a visa application is submitted in or outside Australia, it is necessary to fully satisfy all the requirements of a student visa whose Sector is determined by the training course that you are planning to undertake in Australia.

Thus, these requirements include, but not limited to:

  • Providing all necessary documents in support of your visa application;
  • Providing documentary evidence of financial capacity to cover training and residence in Australia;
  • Providing documentary evidence of English language knowledge at the level necessary for training;
  • The genuine need for education in Australia;
  • Arranging mandatory medical insurance for the entire period of training.

We will be happy to answer your questions regarding a student visa, as part of a Free of charge 15 minutes preliminary interview via Skype. Also, as part of the interview, we will make a free assessment of your compliance with the criteria of a suitable student visa in your case.

We will assist you with selection of an educational provider, and will conduct negotiations with the educational provider on your behalf if required. We will help with the application and obtaining a Letter of Confirmation of Enrolment if it is required for your student visa.

We will coordinate with the educational provider your meeting at the airport upon arrival in Australia and the accomodation in the family (English language training) whose members have the occupation you are interested in (doctors, engineers, accountants, etc.).

Student visa — subclass 500
This visa has seven sectors (streams):

  • Schools Sector;
  • ELICOS Sector — English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students;
  • Vocational Education and Training Sector;
  • Higher Education Sector —lets you study in Australia if your main course of study is one of the following:
    • a bachelor or associate degree;
    • a graduate certificate or graduate diploma;
    • a masters degree by coursework;
    • a higher education diploma or advanced diploma;
  • Postgraduate Research Sector;
  • Non-Award Sector;
  • AusAID or Defense Sponsored Sector — for students sponsored by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) or Department of Defence to undertake a full-time course of study or training in Australia

Student Guardian visa — subclass 590
—if you have to come to Australia to provide care to a student under 18 years.

Training visa — subclass 407
—for training opportunities which allow you to take part in structured workplace-based training.

Temporary Graduate visa — subclass 485
— for students who have finished your studies and wish to work in Australia temporarily, you may be eligible for the post-study work visa.

All fees are in Australian dollars and are for my professional immigration services only. Any disbursements or miscellaneous expenses incurred that are associated with the migration process (e.g. visa application charges, translation costs etc.) are not included.
For those who are interested, the range of average fees for professional services, charged by registered migration agents is available on MARA web site.

Please note these fees do not include visa application charges payable to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) and cover only visa application related services.

In the case of selecting a Licensed Australian Migration Agent you are primarily guided by the question of cost of services, I will match or better any genuine offer made to you in writing by another migration agent, provided that it does not contradict the legislation of Australia.

Professional immigration service fees for Student visas are varied depending on readiness of the documents and number of the applicants. On average:

  • Student visa — subclass 500 — $1500;
  • Student Guardian visa — subclass 590 — $1000;
  • Training visa — subclass 407 — $1500;
  • Temporary Graduate visa  —subclass 485 — $1500;

Immigration Services for Student visas include:

  • Planning and full support of your entire immigration process from start to finish, taking into account all your circumstances;
  • Comprehensive ongoing and personalised advice, provision of information, and documentation on all aspects of the immigration case;
  • Assistance with preparation of all necessary documents;
  • Certification of copies of documents, subject to the inspection of the originals by the Registered Migration Agent;
  • Preparation and submission of a visa application to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) on behalf of the client and ongoing representation of interests of the client there;
  • Payment of all application fees and charges on behalf of the client;
  • Post-immigration advice to the client regarding moving to Australia, employment, housing search, opening bank accounts, obtaining medical insurance, registration with Medicare and Centrelink, obtaining Tax Identification Number, placement of children to schools or Daycare & Kindergarten.

Additional services for the Student visas that are provided for an extra charge or by a third parties include:

  • Translation of the documents by a NAATI accredited translator. It is possible to use alternative to the NAATI translations as long as they are accordingly certified. Though such translations may not be accepted by the Australian Post Office when applying for the Australian Passport. Please discuss fees for the translations directly with NAATI accredited translators. An average cost of all translations required for a visa application ranges between AUD$200.00 to AUD$1,500.00.

  • Comprehensive submissions writing for extremely complex cases.

This page provides a summary information on 1st of February 2018. Australian immigration law is complex and it changes on a regular basis. If you have any additional questions or require further clarification, please, do not hesitate and contact me regarding this matter and, if appropriate, to arrange a mutually convenient time for an appointment.


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